New generation of Scaffolding Systems offers unprecedented safety & flexibility

  • Safety at the highest level

    Our first concern? Your safety: when you are building your aluminum scaffolding, when you are working on it and when you are taking it down. XSPlatforms has developed an ingenious construction method which allows you to always safely stand and work on the scaffold.

  • Unique Advanced guard rail system for rapid setup

    The Advanced guard rail allows the SafeTower to be erected from the inside out while standing on a lower platform. This guarantees fast & safe scaffolding erection. The 3-step system of attaching the Advanced guard rail makes traditional methods of scaffolding erection a thing of the past.

  • The simplified design reduces the overall system cost

    The best solutions are characterized by simplicity in design and use. That is what we strive for in all of our solutions: a balance between optimal functionality and ease of use. We believe our products should facilitate the work being done: make it easier, safer and more efficient.

  • Zero accident track record

    The knowledge and expertise of the people working at XSPlatforms is reflected in the fact that until today, the company holds a zero accidents record.

  • Most ergonomic & time efficient

    Our systems use a limited number of components that can be easily assembled without special tools or prior experience. Professionals and “do-it-yourselfers” can assemble the aluminum scaffold quickly. The ergonomic components are easy to handle, for maximum convenience.